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Job by Alexis Lebrun July 27, 2022

This is the good news of the summer: our favorite vampires are already back for a fourth season of their adventures in absurdity. And three years after its appearance on our screens, What We Do in the Shadows has lost none of its freshness and humor, quite the contrary.

adult baby

You must remember it, the last episode of the season 3 of What We Do in the Shadows ended with a completely improbable cliffhanger, since we were dumbfounded by the birth of “baby Colin” (a baby with the head of an adult Colin Robinson, it’s true), coming out of the entrails of Colin Robinson’s corpse, the most boring energy vampire in the world, died in the previous episode.

It’s this fascinating discovery that inspires Laszlo to stay on Staten Island while his wife Nadja heads to England, where a place on the Supreme Vampire Council awaits him. Meanwhile, poor Nandor must take the train alone back to his home kingdom of Al Qolnidar, as his loyal servant and vampire slayer Guillermo is tricked by Laszlo, who sends him to England in his place along with Nadja.

Home Sweet Home

If the characters of What We Do in the Shadows are thus separated at the end of the third season, we will not know what they up to during their escapades alone. Because this season 4 resumes a year after the separation of the group, and it brings together the whole gang in its good old vampiric mansion. The latter is also seriously beginning to fall into ruin and endanger its inhabitants, because Laszlo is as disinterested in the maintenance of the home as in the education of baby Colin, left to his own devices and whom he refuses to to consider as a new Colin as boring as his “father”.

Guillermo’s return is therefore more than welcome to restore some order in the house, but the unfortunate man is totally overwhelmed, because Nandor wants to make him his best man at his wedding, for which he has not yet found a elected. After having failed in his quest for love, the leader of the group does not admit defeat and thanks to the help of a genie from a rubbing lamp, he brings his 37 former wives back to life, in order to to select the one he will marry again.

Ra ra Rasputin

Boney M’s disco hit is omnipresent in the trailer for this fourth season, as Nadja has a big idea to finance the repairs to the house: to open a nightclub on the premises of the former Vampire Council. You still have to succeed in convincing “The Guide” who manages the place (Kristen Schaal) with her little ghosts to accept the work. On this occasion, and thanks to Laszlo’s exceptional gifts for psychology, we learn more about La Guide’s debauched past and the reasons for her attraction to Guillermo.

This one is more interested in the position of accountant of the nightclub, not to mention that he seems to develop for the first time a semblance of a private life apart from his activity as a servant and bodyguard in the service of Nandor. But let’s face it, we are above all much too eager to see the whole group – baby Colin included of course – fidgeting under the disco ball of the vampire box. Because the fans we are part of can dance with peace of mind: What We Do in the Shadows has already been renewed for two more seasons, and it has just been nominated for an Emmy Award again. Deserved rewards for one of the best mockumentaries of the moment.

What We Do in the Shadows season 4, broadcast from July 13 on CANAL+. Seasons 1 to 3 are available in full on myCANAL.

To find all the episodes: Click here

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