Home Cooling Rush

Home Cooling Rush

Sleepless nights in an overheated bed, difficulty concentrating in front of the computer or sweating on the sofa: the heat at home can spoil the mood. This is why the demand for air conditioners is increasing. But not all models are recommended.

The heat waves that hit Switzerland have in particular increased the demand for air conditioners for the home on the national territory. (Illustrative photo)


Air conditioners are most often installed in the bedroom – around 70% – but also in the dining room or living room, said Steve Winkel, service manager of Bühlmann Kühlanlagen AG in Studen (BE), at the Keystone-ATS news agency. The demand for home air conditioning has already increased in recent years, but especially in recent weeks due to the heat. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic, with working from home, could also have contributed to this.

Figures from online retailers also prove this. Among the latter, the increase in sales of air conditioners and fans is immense: according to their own data, the online retailer Microspot sold almost 15 times more air conditioners and nine times more fans than the previous year, and its competitor Digitec-Galaxus respectively nine and five times more. For reasons of competition, these traders do not give concrete figures.

A spokesperson for Brack.ch interpreted the increase in turnover to mean that air coolers are a relatively small category with few products, which represents only a small share of turnover in absolute numbers. According to him, the increase is not unusual, even if the curve of the turnover presents a little more waves and is a little higher than the last two years.

At Microspot, sales of air conditioners already experienced a first peak at the end of June, “the current heat wave trend could further increase demand”, indicates the press service.

Simple and versatile

Consumers would often turn to fans because they are simple and versatile. But devices with a humidification function are also very popular, because the water cools them down.

According to Digitec-Galaxus’ own information, these are above all pedestal fans and mobile air conditioners that can easily be stored in the cellar after the summer. Customers don’t hesitate to put their hands in their pockets.

Energetically not sensible

However, the service manager of Bühlmann Kühlanlagen advises against these mobile air conditioners. They are “not at all sensible” from an energy point of view. With it, warm air is sucked out of the room and out through the window. “This creates a depression in the room, which causes the hot air to enter again from all the other corners of the house”, explains the specialist.

Only in an emergency, when it is impossible to do otherwise – for example when you live in the attic and the owner does not authorize a fixed installation – can portable air conditioners be suitable.

Stress for the body

Naturopath Lena Haag, who has a practice in Biel (BE), generally advises against air conditioners. According to her, the temperature variations between a hot outside and a cold inside are synonymous with stress for the body.

People often do not perceive the extreme performance of the body. Temperature adaptations take place where, for example, the sleep-wake rhythm and blood pressure are regulated. If the body is subject to temperature variations, it also suffers in other areas.

Lemon balm, linden and peppermint, for example, help to cope with the heat. Ms. Haag also advises to cool rooms naturally and to avoid large temperature differences – even if slow adaptations are hardly possible nowadays.

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