Marilyn Monroe Murdered?  This clue found near his body that leaves little room for doubt

Marilyn Monroe Murdered? This clue found near his body that leaves little room for doubt

The disappearance of Marilyn Monroe 60 years ago remains one of the most mysterious deaths in Hollywood which still fascinates the public, especially since a material element supports the thesis of the assassination.

This is what is called a “cold case”: since 1962, the death of Marilyn Monroe has continued to fascinate, to make people talk, to imagine, but in the light of certain elements, there is no doubt that her death either anything but natural or caused by his own will. After the documentary “The Marilyn Monroe Mystery”Neflix is ​​also preparing to release a film in 2022 “Blonde hair” on the sentimental life of the mythical actress, the main cause of her setbacks, and undoubtedly of her death.

Marilyn Monroe: a scrap of paper in the sheets of the actress at the time of her death

Certainly, Norma Jean Baker, known as Marilyn Monroe was a completely different person than her exuberant persona of a smiling and playful blonde. Alone, regularly feeling abandoned, making the wrong career and romantic choices, the 36-year-old is addicted to drugs and begins her days with Bloody Marys for breakfast. But the clue found near his body by the police seems to say more about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. On a scrap of paper found in his sheets were written “telephone numbers, various bars, hotels, friends’ homes where she had harassed Bob Kennedy all day on the 4th” writes Simon Liberati in the columns of Paris Match. Bob Kennedy, brother of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is also Minister of Justice and around whom the responsibility for the disappearance of the actress had long hovered.

The day before, August 3, 1962, an editorial evoking the affair of Bob Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe had appeared. “It was doubtless, along with constant reports from Hoover, the FBI boss, the cause of his death.” again writes Simon Liberati. If this death is disturbing, it is also as the journalist writes because “you don’t swallow 60 Nembutal without leaving traces in your stomach. Someone probably killed Marilyn Monroe at 36, because she threatened to talk about her confidential conversations with Bob Kennedy to hold a conference of press to reveal his secrets to the gossips of Hollywood.”he explains. Indeed, with this scrap of paper, it is difficult not to make a connection and to draw clear conclusions.

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The tormented love life of the actress surely caused her death
Before disappearing, Marilyn Monroe had a relationship with President JF Kennedy

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The life and character of Marilyn Monroe has always fascinated
With this film, Netflix ensures a full box

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The proof of this fascination, Kim Kardashian wore the famous dress of the actress at the Met Gala 2022
She even started a draconian diet to get into the dress

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Marilyn’s eternal blondeness continues to make people dream
Dead at 36, the actress would have been 91 on June 1

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Iconic, the metro entrance scene remains in the collective imagination
All these years, Marilyn Monroe continues to inspire

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Images from the trailer for the film “Blonde” with Ana de Armas.
Images from the trailer for the film “Blonde” with Ana de Armas.

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The film “Blonde” with Ana de Armas in the title role has been prepared by Netflix
The film, which takes up the fictionalized life of the star

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Yet Norma Jean’s life was much sadder
Far from the spotlight, it was a complex and lonely life that the woman led

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Under the angelic airs of the actress, the sadness of a neglected woman
His relationship with President Kennedy will have been fatal to him

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On June 21, 2022, she was still on the cover of CR Fashion Book magazine
60 years after her death, she is still an icon

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Marilyn Monroe fascinates all over the world
She’s on the cover of a Chinese fashion magazine

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