Lunar situation at Celta: the president summons the press to dismantle his player Denis Suarez

Lunar situation at Celta: the president summons the press to dismantle his player Denis Suarez

Deleterious atmosphere at Celta Vigo. Club president Carlos Mourino held a press conference on Thursday morning to attack two players in his squad, Santi Mina and Denis Suarez. The latter has been called a “traitor” by the club leader, who accuses him of not wanting to leave Celta.

A “traitor”, whose “only objective is to harm Celta”. These are some of the words spoken to describe Denis Suarez, this Thursday morning, during a lunar press conference held at the initiative of Carlos Mourino. The president of Celta Vigo, far from being a follower of wooden language, took this opportunity to openly say what he thinks of his player’s situation, and also to discuss the Santi Mina case.

Suarez is the subject that has occupied Carlos Mourino the most. To understand the president’s aversion to his player, you have to go back to July 2021. At the time, Bryan Bugarin joined Real Madrid from Celta Vigo. His name is unknown to the general public since he is only 12 years old and is considered a great hope for the club. The departure of the little prodigy is very badly experienced by Mourino.

The leader of Celta then enters into a latent conflict with the agency which represents Bugarin, Intermedia Sport Player. An agency that also represents Iago Aspas and… Denis Suarez. If the striker, top scorer in the history of Celta, was able to extend his contract Monday until 2025 with the Galician club, Denis Suarez, he is therefore seen as an outcast who must leave the club.

Suarez accused of having participated in the departure of Bugarin

And for good reason: Carlos Mourino accuses him of having participated in the signing of Bugarin at Real Madrid, “to earn 40,000 or 50,000 euros”, as the president assured him this morning. After learning of the press conference during which he was targeted by his president, Denis Suarez chose to respond methodically to the accusations made against him.

“I have never sold a player from Celta or another team. I invite you to prove this claim with relevant documents,” the attacking midfielder wrote on Twitter. Trained at Celta, before leaving for Manchester City in 2011 at the age of 17, Suarez is now being pushed out by the club. According to Mourino, the attacking midfielder would have received several offers from other teams, transmitted by Celta, which he would have all refused.

“We sent him four offers from teams that paid him more than Celta, but as it benefited Celta (…), he rejected them all”, explained the Galician leader, who mentioned a salary offered by a three-year €12million club for Suarez, and interest from a club playing the Champions League.

To which Suarez replied: “Never have I received such an offer [de 12 millions]. I invite you to publicly show the document of this offer and my refusal. He does not exist. And I won’t say the name of the club out of respect [jouant la C1]but the problem was not on my side, but on that of the team, who had to sell because of their salary limit.”

“He plays the victim while the victim is Celta”

The break seems total between the two parties. “Denis wants to push us to let him go free so he can sign another team for free and make more money,” Mourino accuses as Denis Suarez’s contract at Celta runs until 2024. victim while the victim is Celta. (…) A player who betrayed Celta, I don’t want him”, launched the president of Celta.

In conflict for several months, Denis Suarez has always obtained the support of the supporters of the club and the Balaidos stadium. “He managed to destabilize the fans,” fumed Mourino. “He’s been threatening me for several months, saying to me: ‘I’m going to make Balaidos whistle you'”, argued Denis Suarez for his part.

A mea culpa on Santi Mina

Another player whose future was mentioned by Mourino: Santi Mina. Sentenced by the Spanish courts in May for sexual abuse, the striker asked a few days ago to be reinstated in the professional group. The president, who issued a mea culpa on Mina’s return to his parent club in 2019 when the complaint procedure was already underway, wants the striker to leave Celta as well.

“His agents assured me that it was a lie, that there was an attempt at blackmail but I was wrong. I apologize to the supporters,” said Mourino, who complained about the situation current. “Denis and Mina take 20% of the team’s budget. This affects us a lot in terms of planning and it means that we won’t be able to strengthen the team as we had planned.”

While Celta Vigo is due to start its season on August 13 at home against Espanyol Barcelona, ​​it seems unlikely to see Santi Mina and Denis Suarez again with a club shirt on their shoulders. 11th last year in La Liga, the Galician club will have to overcome these internal dissensions, which will surely not have found a way out by the start of the championship.

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