The Art of Beatmaking: How Specter Created Empty7's "Movie"

The Art of Beatmaking: How Specter Created Empty7’s “Movie”

The term shadow man takes on its full meaning when it comes to evoking Spectrum.
Inseparable from his masked counterpart, of whom he manages almost all of the instrumentals, the stealthy beatmaker from Geneva intrigues. If his nickname is regularly notified on the projects ofEmpty7difficult to know more about the character, because of the mystery he has maintained since his debut.

I wanted to be present without necessarily showing myself physically. I find that the term spectrum represents this dynamic well.

Before embarking on production, the Swiss worked as a DJ, which allowed him to acquire the basics of music. Eager to work on his own creations, Specter then began to refine his first beats: “I always knew that I was an artist, I just had to find a good way to express my art. So when I started in beatmaking and people posed on my stuff, I was just happy. »

In addition to designing beats, the latter also specializes in mixing voices, which is why Empty7 contacted him. A trial session followed which bore fruit, strongly linking the two artists:

Our respective steps are similar, he hides his face, and I don’t show myself. Two low-key guys making music for the world.

However, Specter does not limit its services, the door of its studio having opened several times for hopes of Geneva rap: Gio Dallas, Lomar or Rounhaa.

When the famous question of his greatest inspirations arises, Specter draws three blazes: the pope of Dirty South Mike Deanthe prodigy Canadian WondaGurl and the German Cubeatz siblings :

What I like about Mike Dean are the melodies he brings to the end of the song with his synthesizers. It takes us each time to another dimension.

“For example, the end of “Highest in the Room” by Travis Scott marked me a lot. Wondagurl, it’s his drums that impress me. She always takes you where you least expect it. The placements of each hit hat, kick 808 or snare are millimetered. As for the Cubeatz brothers, they have designed the biggest hits of American rappers while being European, and that is ultra inspiring for any beatmaker who wishes to succeed internationally”.

Breaking the boundaries of the world map is exactly what Varnish la Piscine is doing, whose qualities Specter praises:

For me, he is an example in terms of production, I would love working with him too much or even just seeing him at work!

November 13, 2020. Fort du success of “Vision”first album released at the beginning of the year, Empty7 does it again with the eight tracks “ZON”. Headline title of the project, “Movie” impresses with the singularity of its instrumental, even offering an outro “Mike Deanian”.

To design this track, Specter used “a sample found in a bowl pack on the internet” with the aim of sticking to the melancholy of Empty7 while remaining danceable and energetic.

“I started with the drums, he loved the result so we went directly to his text, I guided him a lot on the melodies and the way to pose on it. To avoid making the song sound too “synthwave” I changed the rhythmic trap style by removing the kick and snare at each beat and adding hi hat claps and other kicks. »

According to Empty7, during the looping of the model, Specter took to imagining a final flight, which the main interested party confirms:

On the outro I decided to create a rise by hitting the kicks faster and faster. The pitched voice of Empty7 brings us to a catchy drop and over-chorus. It was obviously a nod to Mike Dean, but with Specter sauce!

As for the masked lyricist, we can say that he has greatly validated:

Specter had reserved the surprise for me and, a few days later, I discovered for the umpteenth time the masterclass of this genius. I knew full well that he was going to offer me something grandiose, that we could accompany with a music video to match.

The complexity of the title was just as praised as its visual, released a month later. The alchemy of the two entities was recently manifested on the EP “2ON”, released at the beginning of the year.

As a spooky conclusion, Specter wants to be transparent about its future:

When the sun turns azure blue, the little ghost will come out of his seaside home and show his art in a new light. I don’t just want to be behind the computer anymore, I’m going to go to the other side.

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