Crush at Lidl: customers rush to buy this Bluetooth speaker at a confusing price!

As always, Lidl surprises its customers with its innovative ideas. The great brand gives satisfaction to lovers of technology. And what is most attractive in Lidl’s offers is that it always offers good deals. Discover everything you need to know about this incomparable product.

Lidl dominates the technology market

The brand takes great care of its customers. The great brand stands out with its breathtaking offers. And it’s not the price that’s competitive at Lidl. He selects only the best products to satisfy his customers.

The store’s offerings combine goods from different spheres. You can find everything at Lidl. Starting with household appliances, gardening, fashion, beauty, etc. We can say that the brand leaves nothing to chance. It allows its customers to have everything they need in the blink of an eye.

Besides, that’s whyhe headed for the technology sector. Lidl is essential even if this market is already very competitive. With his great determination, he managed to place himself in the market of connected products.

You can find different products of this category on the shelves of the store. The group sells small gadgets such as sockets, lamps and connected appliances. These smart accessories are controlled from a single app.

An innovative and trendy model

Still in the world of high-tech, the group has looked into a device for music lovers. Lidl is selling speakers to satisfy its regulars. In addition, the models that Lidl has chosen are water resistant.

Thanks to this property, you could even take this inventive speaker to the edge of a swimming pool. Without fear of damaging the device, you will be delighted by the freedom and escape it brings you. What could be more innovative thanenjoy good music while taking a dip.

It is worth remembering that Lidl’s first loudspeaker model was an immediate success. Indeed, it is a hit with its customers. And with the arrival of its second copy, love at first sight is there.

This device is equipped with the characteristics of the previous prototype with an additional feature. The new functionality of this speaker will allow its user to transfer files with ease and ease.

A speaker equipped with the Bluetooth function

Lidl’s new speaker is finally out. And for the tech-savvy, it has a cool feature. This ability will delight more than one. The Bluetooth mode of the device will allow users of the speaker to transfer data. This function will also make it possible to equip other devices. It is obvious that the German brand is renewing itself. The public is bewildered by the various offers that Lidl has put forward.

The release of his very first car was a real surprise. And the launch of its various high-tech products is a source of amazement. However, Lidl customers haven’t seen it all yet. The brand has other gifts in store for them to build loyalty. Thanks to its inventiveness, the group has been able to unearth what technology lovers really need.

This Bluetooth speaker is armed with a 15 hour battery life thanks to that 10W RMS power. It also has a True Wireless Stereo function that allows this unique speaker to pair with another speaker.

This allows the sound to reach its maximum performance. Finally, his Bluetooth range is 10 meters. This little marvel is available in several colors. And what is most pleasing is that its price is at only 12.99 euros. You won’t find a better deal.

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