New Vietnam policies effective from August

New Vietnam policies effective from August

Several new Vietnam policies will come into effect from August: housing assistance for poor and near-poor households, electronic toll collection on all highways, administrative sanctions in the field of the environment, judicial expertise in the financial sector …

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The installation of the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) prepaid electronic toll card on a car in Ninh Binh (North). Photo: VNA/CVN

Electronic toll on all motorways

Electronic toll collection will be implemented on motorways from 1er august. If the motorist does not install the ETC prepaid electronic toll card (Electronic Toll Collection) on his vehicle while taking the highway, he will be fined in accordance with the regulations. Specifically, the driver will have to pay a fine of 2 to 3 million VND and will be deprived of the driving license for 1 to 3 months.

The 100% non-stop toll service has been implemented on the Hanoi-Hai Phong Expressway since 1er June.

Administrative sanctions in the field of the environment

On July 7, 2022, the government issued Decree Noh45/2022 on the sanction of administrative offenses in the field of the environment in which additional regulations on the sanction of individuals and households have been added.

Specifically, a fine of between 500,000 and 1 million VND will be applied to households and individuals who failed to classify household solid waste, to use packaging containing household waste as prescribed.

In addition, agencies, organizations, production, commercial and service establishments, investors in construction and infrastructure services, commercial and service areas, industrial areas generate solid waste of a total volume 300 kg/day or more, must pay the fines.

Concretely, a sum ranging from 15 to 20 million VND is imposed in the event of non-signing of a contract with a unit of collection, transport, reuse, recycling or treatment of waste.

A fine of 20 to 30 million VND is imposed for using household solid waste transportation means that do not meet technical requirements for environmental protection.

Housing assistance

From August 15, circular N will be in force.oh01/2022 of the Ministry of Construction guiding the implementation of housing assistance for poor and near-poor households within the framework of the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction for the period 2021-2025.

These families will be supported to build new houses at 40 million VND/household, to repair houses at 20 million VND/household. Beneficiaries do not include people who received housing assistance from the National Target Program for Socio-Economic Development of Ethnic Minorities and Mountain Areas in the period 2021-2030 and other programs, projects and policies.

Judicial expertise in the financial sector

On June 29, 2022, the Minister of Finance published Circular No. 40/2022 on judicial expertise in the financial sector.

According to this document, forensic expertise in the financial sector includes the areas of accounting and auditing, pricing, securities, taxation, customs, public property, corporate finance and other financial areas. in accordance with the law.

Compared to Circular No. 138/2013, this new text added two areas of judicial expertise, namely public property and corporate finance. This text will take effect on August 15, 2022 and will replace circular Noh138/2013.

Thao Nguyen/CVN

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