"I invite you all to go fuck yourself": Lena Situations recounts her harassment on social networks

“I invite you all to go fuck yourself”: Lena Situations recounts her harassment on social networks

Gisela Schober/Getty Images Lena Mahfouf on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, May 25, 2022.

Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Lena Mahfouf on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, May 25, 2022.

SOCIAL NETWORKS – “Before returning to YouTube (…) I needed and wanted to talk to you”. In a long video facing the camera published this Sunday, July 31, Lena Mahfouf, or Lena Situations, returned to several episodes of harassment which she had to face since the summer of 2021.

Although it all started on social networks, and more particularly on Twitter, the insults and threats began to impose themselves “in real life”, and impact those close to them. ” VShas gone beyond the virtual world, to reach my mother’s house”, she explains. After finding her mother’s address, some people started insistent calls to her intercom, threw eggs on her doormat, started leaving her messages full of insults aimed at her daughter, forcing her to cut her line.

Others went so far as to find the phone number of his grandmother living in Algeria, ” to tell him that his granddaughter was a big slut “, she says.

She herself has been chaining experiences of humiliation for a year. She cites in particular a group of men who came to ask her for a photo in the street, all smiling. Then, once the camera was on, they started a video in which they insulted him, in front of his eyes.

On social networks, she also mentions gratuitous insults, for a haircut for example, simply to let her know that she was ugly.

“I invite you all to go fuck yourself”

Harassment being a recurring phenomenon on the internet, content creators are aware that they will inevitably receive insults from the start. ” We know it (…) I know the rules of the game (…) When you make videos based on Lifestyle, you will be attacked on very personal things, since you show very personal things »she explains. “I’m complaining about something that very few people can understand, I feel like I’m totally out of touch with reality.”

In the video, she also claims to feel attacked “ just because I’m here, and I’m a bitch “. Because the insults she receives are always the same: whore », « slut Sexist words coming largely from men.

“I thought I was mentally prepared”explains the one who started the videos on YouTube in 2015. But from the start of the harassment episodes, “dhen I uttered a sentence, I thought to myself, “How are they going to make this a new topic? (…) What will they answer to that? »explains the influencer who anticipates all the next waves of hatred that she “can’t control”.

“On the other hand, I can control the impact it has on me,” she explains. So, to end the video, she speaks directly to her detractors. “I invite you all to go and fuck yourselves. We’re going to have a great summer.” she concludes ahead of August, during which she publishes a video a day on her YouTube channel. A traditional series called August Vlogswhich she has been practicing for six years.

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